ZPlayer v5.1 build apk

ZPlayer v5.1 build apk

Prerequisites: 4.0+

Diagram: Windows Phone 7/Zune themed media player for Android OS.


Experiment with new ZPlayer highlights by joining the Beta analyzers.

ZPlayer offers:

• Music Features

– Media Player

– Listening history

– Auto created playlists (Most Played, Favorite tunes, Recently Added)

– Metadata (Album surveys, craftsman histories, comparative specialists, comparative collections)

– Music week by week patterns (craftsman top tracks, top tunes, top collections)

– Artist events*, melody lyrics*.

• SongKick Events

• Last.fm Features:

– Last.fm scrobbling.

– Last.fm ‘now playing’ announcements.

– Last.fm “likes” entries.

– Last.fm informing (ShoutBox) to different clients.

– Last.fm scrobbling history.

• Podcast Features

– Video podcast gushing, memberships, downloads, player.

– Audio podcast spilling, memberships, downloads, player.

– Podcast inquiry and suggestions.

• Online Radio

– Shoutcast Radio spilling (with DNAS metadata).

– Radio station seek.

– Dar.fm radio postings and inquiry

• Multilanguage Support

– ZPlayer underpins English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Hebrew, and Portuguese dialects

• ID3 Tag editorial manager

– Single track ID3 editorial manager

– Album editorial manager (craftsman name, collection year)

– Album Art Editor (API Search, Art generator, Pick from Gallery, Use camera to catch Image)

• Video player

– Fullscreen feature player

– Sectioned catergories (Music features, Movies)

– Editable ‘music features’, and “films” catalogs

• Browse the collections segments not in your library and even get the collection costs, 30 seconds sound examples of tracks, and “Purchase” connections to the collections.

• Audio Effects

– Audio Equalizer

– Create, spare and oversee equalizer profiles

– Bass help

– Virtualizer

– Automatic EQ (in light of track type) **

– Audio Balance

• ZPlayer highlights 5 excellent gadgets, which give distinctive usefulness.

• Cool elements, including craftsman foundation pictures and displays, alterable foundation pictures.

• Swiping the application homescreen to one side/right demonstrates the ‘present playing’ tune and listening history, and “xtras”


Bug Fixes

This application has no commercials

More Info:

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