World Of Warcraft All Series Download for PC

World Of Warcraft Download for PC
World Of Warcraft Download for PC
v, in 7 years since the release of the WOW game going, the game has always been at the forefront Prbazykn online games. Blizzard also has to update the game every 2 or 3 years, clear tenor has been warmer this game. Hours pass without notice. A world with its own personality that fascinates you and ahead of you is sleeping and eating. World of WarCraft universe so vast and mysterious that many players got addicted


World of WarCraft Catalysm:
This version of the game that much more expensive than the previous series has also attracted the attention of gamers have a different strategic and professionals who will engage you for hours in this section you will have measures, Rage Of The Dragon and he had to resistance beat and should also protect the land of Azeroth
Katalysm patch features:
1 – level of 80 to 85 has changed
2 – Spell Power and Intellect much more can be removed.
3 – Armor Penetration replaced with Mastery.
4 – resistance will be more people
5 – Ability to fly in Azeroth has been added to the game
6 – Guild system with added Levelup where xp and talent with the guild gained a new option has been added to player called Path of Titans

7. Added new Class to the following:
Human Hunter
Orc Mage
Night Elf Mage
Blood Elf Warrior
Dwarf Shaman
Dwarf Mage
Pictures from the game:
Frame-Pic-Post23 Frame-Pic-Post24
World of WarCraft the burning crusade:
This version of the game again surprised everyone, simple and unique gameplay make it one of the strengths of the game is, Are you ready to face your enemies? Monster Sraght come with new features and you’ll always be ready to release the game on the first day sold more than two million.
Download Instruction:
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