Windows 10 Full ISO Free Download PC

Windows 10 Full ISO Free Download PC
Download Free Windows 10 Full ISO 32Bit and 64 Bit For PC. Windows 10 is a newly released Windows by Microsoft, It is the windows 8.1 predecessor. Windows 10 Full ISO was released on 29 July 2015, The windows is focused and oriented towards smart phone and tabs as Microsoft has failed miserably in attaining the cellphone market.
Windows 10 comes with some new features and interface, the graphics have beefed up a bit, as someone moving from windows 8.1, you will clearly feel the difference in graphics. Let’s get started on some features.
Microsoft Edge: A newly released Plugin free browser by Microsoft which is lightening fast. It’s a plugin free browser hence more speedy, it doesn’t support any extensions yet but in future it may, It comes preloaded with flash like chrome, Apart from not having extensions, it is fairly difficult to change the search engine settings in edge, you’ve to go through alot of whops inorder to change it.
Driver Support: Undoubtedly Microsoft Windows 10 needs some serious work to be done in this area, from SLI support issues to chrome/key board lagging, every thing is there, the only good thing about Windows 10 driver is, on installation, Wifi and Sound drivers are easily picked.
Windows Defender: It’s a built-in anti-virus offered by Microsoft, it isn’t a new feature but definitely an improved one, it was there in windows 7 and windows 8/8.1 but was pretty useless. Now with windows 10, the new windows defender blocks every malicious threat. If you’re an average computer user, then you don’t need any other anti-virus, let windows defender work for you.
Multi-Desktop feature: A new feature in Windows 10 but not so new, the feature was already being offered by linux OS wayback, It’s a virtual desktop which lets you open more than 1 desktops at a time, it basically is same concept as that of near and dirty kitchen.
Cortana: A personal assist for your windows, some might wonder why is it included in windows when the manual results are much quicker than computer assist? Well like i said earlier, windows 10 is mobile/tab oriented windows and inorder to compete against SIRI and GOOGLE voice, microsoft had to introduce something similar.
To sumup, Windows 10 is a great windows to have but it’s still in early stages, For those having legit copy of Windows 7/8/8.1 can enjoy the free upgrade to Windows 10 till 29July 2016.

Windows 10 Full ISO Download Links

To Download the Full ISO without the media creation tool, click on the 3rd download link from the table, From the drop download menu, select windows 10>confirm>choose language>confirm , by doing this you will presented with Windows 10 32 and 64 bit download links, The validity of links would be till 24 hours.

Name Size Language Type Link
Windows 10 Download Tool 17.43 Mb English 32 bit
Windows 10 Download Tool 17.5 Mb English 64 bit download
Windows 10 Full ISO 3 GB English 32/64 bit download
Windows 10 Product Key : NKJFK-GPHP7-G8C3J-P6JXR-HQRJR
This product key will expire on April 15, 2015 and we can expect the final build of Window 10 in the middle of 2015. DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 10 PREVIEW: Windows 10 Preview ISO 32-bit (2.93 GB) Windows 10 Preview ISO 64-bit ( 3.8 GB) Above direct links are for English version, for multiple language version visit Microsoft website. Installing Windows 10 Preview: You can burn the Windows 10 ISO file to either a DVD or to a USB drive. For quick installation process, you can utilize USB drives or flash drives. For burning the ISO to a flash drive or USB, you can use the ISO to USB freeware app. Just download and run the app, next choose the flash drive and the location of ISO file.Next hit ‘Burn’ button by selecting ‘Bootable’ option. As it’s a very first build , we recommend users to install on virtual machines(VM) or on a separate partition of your hard disk.For installing the Windows 10 OS on a VM, we suggest to utilize Oracel Virtual box software.

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