Wikipedia Search Engine on Whatsapp – latest Whatsapp trick


Whatsapp messenger still stands as one of the most popular messaging application with billions of users. I already published some tips and guides about Whatsapp… I also revealed the top
I know that most of you that are fund of checking wiki for answers when questioned by someone, will love to use this trick, as it is the fastest way t get results without opening your browser.

How to use Whatsapp as Wikipedia Search engine?

  • Firstly, add this number, “+918148911230” to your whatsapp contact list.
  • After that, create a group, and add just the number, you can give the group any name you want.
  • Now, send Wiki with the search keyword you want to search for. For instance, Wiki Computer, Wiki Telephone etc…
  • Immediately, you send the message, you’ll get instant result for your search.
That’s it… the trick is very handy… if you got any question, or say, feel free to let me know via comment section. Don’t forget to share this trick with your friends on social network. stay connected to ApkCube.NET

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