Wifi Jumper v1.7 original download apk

Wifi Jumper v1.7 original download apk

Prerequisites: 2.1 and up + modded google play

Review: Stay joined with the most grounded accessible WIFI, including obscure, however unsecured systems. That is the primary undertaking of Wifi Jumper!

Stay joined with the most grounded accessible WIFI, including obscure, however unsecured systems. That is the principle assignment of Wifi Jumper!

The complete component list:

– Automatically join with the most grounded accessible WIFI (scaninterval configurable)

– Even obscure, however unsecured systems can be utilized consequently (configurable)

– Messages and symbols in status bar (configurable)

– Autostart after boot (configurable)

– Optional: make Wifi Zones in light of one or more Radio Cells to naturally begin and stop Wifi Hardware.

– Automatically adds new Radio Cells to known Wifi Zones while associated with WIFI

– Show Zone on Map (if Google Maps is introduced)

– Optional: characterize “Standalone Mode Timezones” with the “Off-line Mode Scheduler” to consequently begin/stop flight mode (DOES NOT WORK WITH ANDROID >= 4.2 !!!)

– Saves a high measure of vitality if all elements are utilized

– Easy to utilize

– Multilingual (german, english)

Known limitiations:

– no backing for custom roms!

– wifi zones work just on gadgets with telephony highlights

– Due to new limitations by Google, the flight mode scheduler is not living up to expectations with android >= 4.2


Wifi Jumper naturally join your gadget to the most grounded accessible known WIFI system. Obscure, yet unsecured systems are additionally upheld to be associated with. Also, one can characterize “WIFI Zones” in light of the current radiocell, in which your WIFI equipment will consequently be enacted.

Leaving a Wifi Zone, Wifi Jumper will kill WIFI equipment and spares vitality. New cell-Ids for effectively characterized Wifi Zones are added naturally while joined with a known WIFI.

Keeping in mind the end goal to spare considerably more vitality, you have the capacity to characterize timezones in which the airplanemode will be naturally (de-)initiated. The preferences are not constrained to vitality sparing: no radiation and aggravation while resting. Wifi Jumper is the ideal answer for some minor issues, however in one and only application.

Note: Wifi Jumper utilizes android usefulness that didn’t bolster App2SD. We unequivocally prescribe to make no utilization of App2SD!

Wifi Jumper needs the accompanying consents (reason):

– Location (focus position of WIFI Location on a guide)

– Telephony (assemble framework id)

– System utilities (autostart, airplanemode begin/stop, WIFI begin/stop)

– Networking (permit check, examine for systems und status)

Note: Please allow us to enhance Wifi Jumper. Tell us about any awful encounters and issues with Wifi Jumper before leaving any awful remarks. We strive to settle any issues reported by our clients. Much thanks!

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What’s New

– Added: Run wifijumper as foregroundservice (a bug in androids subsystem keeps Wifijumper from running out of sight on a few gadgets)

– rundown of discovered systems is sorted by sign quality plunging

– Due to a bug in android we needed to evacuate the default method for exchanging between accesspoints with the same ssid (repeater mode). The new default conduct is “handicapped”.

This application has NO commercials

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