WAMOD Beta 7 – Black&White Theme (WhatsApp base v2.12.287) download apk

WAMOD Beta 7 – Black&White Theme (WhatsApp base v2.12.287) download apk

Prerequisites: Android 2.3 and up

Diagram: WhatsApp Mods is back however in an alternate manner, distinctive look and material configuration usage. This is an upgrade for WhatsAppMD v2.1r2 (WhatsApp v2.12.166) and WAMOD (WhatsApp v2.12.228)

We attempted our best to make this WhatsApp mod AntiBan, yet We don’t promise 100%. You may get PERMANENT (exceptionally uncommon) or transitory BAN. Use it at your own particular RISK

Elements: (discharge on Sept 25th, 2015)

• Base 2.12.287

• Supports calls

• Bubble style (Stock, WAMOD, Materialized, WhatsAppLB, Hangouts, Rounded, Facebook Messenger)

• Privacy mods (Freeze last seen, No second tick, No blue tick, Hide writing, Always online)

• Conversation subject and topic designs

• Hide toolbar and Profie photograph symbols

• Change Action bar, route bar, and status bar hues

• Change the foundation of the air pockets

• Change the ticks ( Stock, iOS, Old WACA, New WACA, Joaquins WAMD, Circles)

• Change the shades of the air pockets

• DARK MODE: Your WhatsApp will be darker than at any other time in recent memory

• Floating Action Button

• Design upgrades


– Custom Background shading for talk

– Toolbar subjects

– Improvements and a parcels more

Black&White Features (This MOD is mine):

– DarkUI is no more Dark dim yet Deep Black! (for SuperAmoled significant others!)

– Changed symbols in CallUI

– Changed symbols in Chat Tab (staple and beneficiary).

– Semitransparent connections Popup (the staple)

– Changed symbols in connections Popup

– In Chat tab, the air pocket notice is no more green yet dark! (so you just see the minimal number of new message)

– In Chat tab, hours of new messages is no more green yet white.

– “Circles” ticks (I utilize them) are currently white (beforehand was red)

– All Black foundation for Emoji with white marker! (see screenshot)

– Semitransparent Conversation inflatable! (Just Materialized balloon…maybe i’ll make semitransparent all others)

– More Blackish around 🙂

Wallpaper – > http://i57.tinypic.com/2dam8ph.jpg

This application has no notices

More Info:

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