Voice PRO v3.3.11 download apk

Voice PRO v3.3.11 download apk

Prerequisites: Android 2.2+, Google Play Store Mod

Diagram: The most finish, the best “Sound Editing for Android”


The most finish, the best “Sound Editing for Android”


By receiving this application you will soon understand its probability and numerous capacities which will permit you to make for all intents and purposes everything you need and need to do with your records. Like alter, cut, modify, dispose of unsettling influences and clamors and addition foundation.

It will include sound impacts, change rhythm and volume, unit or blend record of any organization or quality.

★ Record can be changed over in writings in more than 50 dialects

★ Share on Facebook, Twitter and Voice PRO Cloud

★ Receive Bluetooth documents specifically into Record list

★ Convert YouTube feature to sound document


1)The Voice Recorder makes it conceivable to:

☆ Record in arrangements as WAVE-MP3-OGG

☆ Insert continuously a foundation utilizing any document officially present as a part of your gadget. You can likewise download –free of charge– new ones from a library on line.

☆ Insert tag to assist you with selecting, amid the playback, the most intriguing parts of your records.

☆ Use the Earphone to control the foundation’s impact amid recording.

☆ Record in foundation and in the meantime use the gadget for different administrations.

2) Record rundown permits to :

☆ Visualize records information, for example, length, test rate, measurements, channels.

☆ Operate the playback both with interior and outside player.

☆ Restore the records and complete them.

☆ Mix or union any record in all arrangements.

☆ Handle the favored ones , offer them, include notes and label and exploration the documents.

☆ Convert in numerous arrangements (mp3, wav, flac, ogg)

☆ Remove vocals, Handle the GAIN, the TIME, the RUMORS, and the REVERB – a case of the momentous conceivable outcomes of appropriate impacts.

☆ Convert records in writings. “VOICE-PRO” is the main existing application in all the world’s businesses permitting you to change over your records of any length in “Writings”, giving you consequently the likelihood to hear them out with an interior “Vocal synthesizer” and spare them in Audio Format . At the end of the day you really combine your own voice.

☆ Encrypt and unscramble your records and ensure them with Password at 128 bytes*

3 The EDITOR makes conceivable to:

☆ Mix with different records or foundation.

☆ Cut off parts of records and spare them in new documents or new configurations either musical, sonic or Identifying-sounds.

☆ Restore a record from reinforcement.

“VOICE-PRO” in its incredible adaptability can even augment – against installment – to a few capacities, for example, :

– Perform other configuration of fare/import sound (8svx,aif,aifc,amb,snd, dvms,prc)

– Mixing more than two records.

– Call recording.

– Voice to messages.

– Encrypting of records in AES with key at 128 bytes.

★ Additional elements

– Home screen gadget

– Mp3 bitrate change up to 320kbps

– Samplerate up to 48000 HZ

– Encoding at 8 and 16 bytes

– Registering in arrangement MONO & STEREO

– Autogain to decrease commotions amid recording

– Pause in enlisting at approaching calls.

– Internal help for every capacity

– Control of symbols, advising and security

– Files reinforcement

– Installation on SD CARD

– Request new impacts or verses

“Voice Pro” is absolutely perfect with the dominant part of frameworks in the blink of an eye existing available. What’s more we are happy to affirm that we are prepared to supply to our customers a 24 HRS help with a normal “Achievement time” of 40 minutes.

If you don’t mind recollect that we can’t get in touch with you for additional data in the event that you report an issue through the surveys.

What’s New

Rendition 3.3.11 (Renaissance)

* Bug fixes in Youtube extraction

* Bug fixes for call recording accident

* Bug fixes for gadget recording accident

* Minor bug fixes

This application has no notices

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