USB Audio Player PRO v2.2.0 download apk

USB Audio Player PRO v2.2.0 download apk

Prerequisites: 4.0 + Modded Google Play or Freedom

Review: High quality media player for utilization with USB sound DACs (or some other USB sound class agreeable gadget).

Android 5 clients: in spite of the fact that Android 5 has some backing for USB DACs, it is restricted to 16-bit and test rates of 44100/48000Hz. For excellent playback, despite everything you require this application to appreciate 24-bit music at any specimen rate your DAC bolsters.


• Plays wav/flac/ogg/mp3/aiff/aac/m4a/primate/signal/and so forth records (even 24-bit or 32-bit). Every arrangement that is recorded here ought to work: http://en.wikipedia….ki/Libavcodec

• Uses a USB sound DAC associated by an OTG link (if your Android gadget bolsters USB have and is perfect)

• Plays locally up to 32-bit/384kHz or some other rate/determination your DAC bolsters by totally bypassing the Android sound framework. No other Android player can do this since they are constrained to 16-bit and generally 48kHz.

• DSD-over-PCM support (.dff/.dsf documents). Just works dependably on some quick Android gadgets, please attempt before you purchase particularly for this arrangement.

• Folder playback

• Network playback utilizing Samba shares (ought to work with Windows and NAS)

• Android media database playback with playlists. Play collections or make your own play records from a rundown of melodies (not relevant to organizer playback!)

• Gapless playback

• Sample rate transformation (if your DAC doesn’t bolster the sound record’s specimen rate, it will be changed over to a higher example rate if accessible or the most astounding if not accessible)

• 10-band equalizer (can be killed)

• No root or custom parts needed

• Software and equipment volume control (when pertinent)

• Shuffle/rehash

Cautioning: this is not a non specific driver, you can just playback from inside of this application. It is impractical to utilize your USB sound gadget utilizing this product with different applications!

If you don’t mind observe here for a rundown of tried gadgets and more data on the most proficient method to join a USB sound gadget:


On the off chance that you are more intrigued by recording, please see our recording application USB Audio Recorder PRO:…iorecorderpro

Make a point to join your sound gadget BEFORE beginning USB Audio Player PRO. On the off chance that you get a message on start-up saying that the gadget neglected to introduce, it is likely a contrary Android gadget or a wrong link subsequent to DACs are normally class consistent. On the off chance that your Android gadget does not supply enough power, please attempt a fueled USB center point.

If it’s not too much trouble let us know whether your Android/sound gadget blend meets expectations. These DACs were tried in the past with USB Audio Recorder PRO, so will prone to work with USB Audio Player PRO too:

• Alo Audio The International

• Audiolab M-Dac

• Audioquest Dragonfly

• Benchmark DAC 1 HDR

• Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100

• Centrance Dacport LX/HiFi M8

• Cypherlabs AlgoRhythm Solo

• DacPort LX

• FiiO E7/E10/E17/E18

• Go Vibe DAC

• HiFimeDIY Saber U2

• HRT Microstreamer

• Ibasso D-Zero/D55/D6/D7

• iFi nano iDSD/miniaturized scale iDAC

• M2TECH hiFace TWO/DAC/Joplin

• Meridian Explorer

• Musical Fidelity V-DAC II

• NAD PP 3i

• NuForce uDAC/Icon HDP

• NwAvguy ODAC

• Intruder DAC

• Stoner Acoustics UD100

• and some more!

What’s New

• Added setting ‘Just rundown known record expansions’.

• Added USB change choice 3: when you required ‘USB change 1’ to play without extreme commotion/glitches, turn off ‘USB change 1’ and attempt this choice.

• Prev melody ought to now additionally work in Shuffle mode.

• FiiO X3 ought to now work without change alternatives.

• Using ‘Play organizer’ from Network did not work. Tackled.

• Browsing a system organizer containing numerous envelopes or records could bring about an accident. Comprehended.

Step by step instructions to Use:



Introduce Modded Google Play.

Download & introduce variant 1.1.0,open/nearby.

No erase 1.1.0 introduce rendition 2.2.0



Download & introduce rendition 1.1.0.

Download & introduce Freedom,open rendition 1.1.0 from Freedom,close.

No erase 1.1.0,install rendition 2.2.0

Erase Freedom.

No need Modded Google Play.

Appreciate ;- )

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USB Audio Player PRO 2.2.0

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