Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 10


Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 10 is a tweaking utility for all new released windows 10 which contains over more than 200 tweaks and hacks to make your windows experience more enhanced and as per your needs.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a freeware tools for tweaking your windows. It is a simple to use program and a very clean and simple UI developed by windows club. The installer comes in a zip file and is 549 KB in size. Small in size but delivers high quality tweaks. In just few clicks you can modify your windows as per your needs by disabling or enabling custom features making your pc much fast and stable.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker automatically creates a restore point on running. The main screen of the program shows the system configuration of your PC with hardware information and windows rating or experience index. It also has options for creating system restore, restoring via system restore, system file checker utility and repair windows system image.

On left hand sides, range of option can be seen which contains more option as they are arranged categorically. If you want to show a My Computer or My PC icon on the desktop in windows 10, you need to go to customization > File explored and tick on “Show windows version on desktop” .

Now the most important features of this utility is disabling the automatic updates in windows 10 and disabling the user tracking which is basically windows 10 spying. To this you need to navigate to security and privacy and tick the Turn of user tracking and turn of windows update service. Ticking these will stop the automatic windows 10 updates and collection of cookies by Microsoft.

Once you’ve applied the tweaks, you need to restart the PC for the successful implementation of new settings.


Fixed: Remove Action Center not working

Fixed: Due to UWT 4, “Send your device data to Microsoft” in Settings app greys out

Fixed: UWT 4 hangs when disabling/enabling Command Prompt

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 10 is a freeware program and doesn’t needs to be install, just download, extract the zip and run the exe file. Download links can be found below.

File Name Size Link
Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 10 549 KB

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