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TweakBit PCCleaner

PCCleaner of TweakBit only clean your hard drive, but the clutter from accumulating in the first place, that does not stop a program. This look and performance of your computer can reduce trash to find every bit might never see the scans your system. Users of the program, Microsoft Office cache, Internet file of your web browser relax, SunJava the file, error logs and temporary files created to clean windows and is safe. Moreover, it is not always useful in Windows hibernation mode by disabling gigabytes of space you can free.
PCCleaner the clutter to prevent the accumulation of junk files appear to finish the work that automatic performance is equipped with safety devices. With such a strong network, each user to perfect their systems running at peak performance can sustain.
Key Features:
  • More disk space to store important files
  • Sharp approved application logs start with
  • More efficient antivirus scan and defragment
  • More space for virtual memory
  • Errors during software download no lack of space
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