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TSR Watermark Image is a simple software for applying watermarks to multiple images at once. Easily edit your photos with watermarks to protect them from being stolen online.

TSR Watermark Image supports both text and image watermarks. Various image formats are supported which are JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP. The program offers 6 types of layer.

  1. Text watermark: Write your own text that will be shown as the watermark, you can also use the file date or EXIF information as the test.
  2. 3D text watermark: Your own text rendered using our special method of creating 3D text in the image to create never seen before watermarks.
  3. Image waterMark: Create your own sepcial and artisitc image you can use as the watermark
  4. 3D Image Watermark: Use your own image as a base image that is transformed using a special 3D technology to create a transparent and colorless but highly visible watermark.
  5. Add Border: Adding a different color border to the image can help frame the resulting image,
  6. Cross effect: Add a colored cross the image.

TSR Watermark Image is very simple to use, the screen looks bit complicated but it’s really easy to use.

First open the files to watermark tab and load the file which needs to be watermarked, you can choose multiple files too. Click on next.

Open the configuration tab and choose the type of layer to be added, then choose the transparency level as per your choice, once done, next will be choosing the placement of watermark. Now once you are done with the placement settings, Next will be watermark text editing, you will be presented with type of fonts, text to be added, color, water mark size and many other option for watermark customization.

The final step would be the processing, this will determine the output location, type of image that needs to be created, quality of images and other features.

TSR Watermark Image Features:

Easier than Adobe Photoshop
– Easy to learn and use.
Quick and efficient
– batch watermark thousands of photos without user action.
Copy protection
– Create solid watermarks that are hard to remove.
Reliable and Stable
– Gets the job done without tweaking.
Upload to WordPress
– One click upload to WordPress and FTP.

TSR Watermark Image is a great software which comes with free and pro version, the free version is same as licensed version but doesn’t supports secure FTP uploads and uploads to wordpress. Also in TSR Watermark Image Pro version, you are presented with 225 Special Watermark Fonts.

TSR Watermark Image is a freeware and shareware software, the TSR Watermark Image Pro version costs $29.95 per license/serial key. The program is tested on Windows 10/ Windows 8 and Windows 7.

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