Tropico 4 Download for PC

Tropico 4-FLT

Tropico 4-FLT

Tropico 4-FLT

At E3 this year, many games were unveiled that Tropico 4 was one of them. Games that simulate a trade and has its own enthusiasts. In Tropico 4 players are faced with new episodes that did not exist in previous versions. This article encourages you to start a new business. A number of things will happen in this game. Suddenly the price of oil goes up, comes a sudden tsunami and volcanic eruption is in place. All these events will affect the economic development of the game. It should be noted that these events are completely random (Random) in the unfolding story of the game, because the game has a certain freedom such as the Sandbox. Tropico Island where there are also games, three to four times larger than the island that was in the previous version. The part that was added at the request of fans to the title, can be cited various buildings and upgrade capabilities. Building such as fire stations, tourist sites of the new nuclear power Hall building stock and the minister have been added to this title. Tropico Island has its own government and a specific kind of democracy. You can now beautiful game for the first time among Iranian websites for free and receive a direct link.

Minimum System Requirements:

OS – Windows 7 / Vista (SP1) / XP (SP3)
Processor: 2.4 GHz single core processors
RAM – 1 GB
Disc Drive – DVD ROM drive required for installation
Free Hard Drive Space – At least 5 GB
Video Card – 256MB DirectX9c, Shader Model 3.0 (Geforce 6 Series, ATI X1300)
Sound Card – DirectX9-compatible

Download: Click Here
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