[Trick] How to Get Chat Head in Whatsapp like FB Messenger

We all aware of Facebook Messenger Chat head feature and almost everyone loves it though it is not available in ios version of Facebook.It works on any platform such as Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Android.What about if you get same chat head feature in WhatsApp also.Isn’t interesting !! Yeah, now you can easily enable Chat head feature in WhatsApp without root and runs on any Android device.

Ever one of you already used facebook messenger which is really a great way for instant messaging and when someone message you on facebook and you didn’t open your messenger on that time then you no need to worry it will visible on your android device home screen as facebook messenger chat head.

Similarly in this trick we’re going to tell you when someone message you on whatsapp then how it is possible to create automatically that message chat head on your android device home screen like facebook Messenger .

Facebook launch facebook Messenger I think at 2013-14 and the best feature with facebook messenger I every like is chat head and other one is instant pre loaded chat and sweet emoji, but now whatsapp is top growing messenger for android so this trick is also helps to enjoy you whatsapp as a professional.

#How To Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads

1.Download and Install the Dashdow application from here – Play Store

2.Open the application and allow the app Notification Access

3.Now allow the application permission given in below screenshot

4.Now you will see Access Success and now just click on OK

6.Whenever you will receive message on WhatsApp cheat heads will appear.

This was the application from which you can easily enable whatsapp chat heads so keep visiting for more tricks and hack of WhatsApp.

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