Thief: The Dark Project Download for PC

Thief: The Dark Project

Thief: The Dark Project

Burglar Thief game one of the series of computer game -style action – adventure open world by Looking Glass Studios, Ion Storm and Eidos Montreal has designed and built the famous company Eidos Interactive and Square Enix also for the PC platform have supplied. Maybe if it is asked of many gamers when they hear the stealth genre to learn what the game when the name of the game such as Splinter Cell and Hitman and utter but unaware that burglars game series record more than that. One of the most basic games that could revolutionize the stealth genre and fans of the genre to the current excitement in his veins, the thief was playing its first edition in 1998, was able to inject true meaning of secrecy in the lives of players. Play to win with a good storytelling and good character with new gameplay, gained many supporters and consolidate its position among them. To date four exciting versions of the game have been released, we will briefly review each of them. If you love the stealth genre, I would not miss this collection. You can now make this game attractive powerful servers.

Thief The Dark Project
The first version of the game in 1998 with the name of security: Dark Project was launched. The story is set in medieval times and in a town called Steam Punk called City is known, is told. The main character and hero of the game, Garrett Garrett is someone who makes his living as a homeless young man explains. Gareth nothing but theft is to stay alive. One day a man she met while pickpocketing and fascinated by his skills and asked him to join his group. She placed under various trainings and after a while becomes a thief adept and skilled. Dark Engine game engine used to create the game that could have showcased innovations in this version, brought a great revolution in the stealth genre and attracted many critics as well. Weapons and various items in the game that you have to finish your missions help. Can be sword fighting system which is used to fight face to face and repel enemies bow and arrow also Stoker, who used to get around the guards mansions. All details such as lighting and sound in this version is designed with precision and combines it with the gameplay and artificial intelligence in the game, the game is more attractive.

OS: Windows 95/98
CPU: Pentium 166 with 3D hardware acceleration
Pentium 200 without 3D hardware acceleration
RAM: 32MB of RAM
VGA: 4MB SVGA video card (100% DirectX 6 compatible) / 4MB 3D Card 100% DirectX 6 compatible
DX: DirectX 6 included
HDD: 60MB Hard Disk space available

recommended system :

OS: Windows 95/98
CPU: Pentium 266MHz or faster
RAM: 64MB of RAM
VGA: 4MB SVGA video card 100% DirectX 6 compatible / 4MB 3D Card 100% DirectX 6 compatible
DX: 100% DirectX 6 included
HDD: 180MB Hard Disk space available

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