The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Download for PC

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Download for PC
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Download for PC
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes-SKIDROW

Adventure game with a strong story and very beautiful always taken into consideration. The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is no exception to this and when you experience the game, the story puts it affect your speed. A group of children reading a Sherlock Holmes stories and what they’re reading is displayed for game players. The story begins where Holmes and doctor Watson (Dr. Waston) to inspect the scene of a robbery rich man to go home. This person has a very valuable necklace that apparently was stolen and now the question Holmes and Watson helped design The quality of the environment and the context in which they are used are acceptable and detailed. Have been working very diverse and beautiful environment and a good view of the late 18th century can be seen in it. Homes and environments in which they appear, you are pretty much well you are playing in an atmosphere of mystery.

TToSH has great gameplay and manufacturers have been able to successfully implement this destination on their consoles. The gameplay is very challenging and beautiful work you have always been and is involved in riddles and various events. The first thing you should do is to check various environments walks and various items or get new clues. After that, you can talk with other characters. Watson always guide you will be talking to the doctor. Book with dates where the evidence and clues that you’ve earned, are listed. Referring to it should somehow relate to events happening in the game. You will be facing several options, some of which have several different choices.
If you can connect to other options in the best case, their color is green and you can describe the events of the game. Some items should be examined and tested in the workplace Holmes. Physical and chemical experiments to test items that have earned the scrutiny. It can always play dialogues in a specific area for which it was designed, see and review them again try to understand what happened in the game up. In the game you take control of both characters get Watson and Holmes. Each of them doing certain things, but seems much better control of Holmes. The camera can be changed and you can get it from third-person to first-person perspective change. You can see better from the first-person game environment check and that’s why we suggest that you follow the game in this mode.
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or equivalent AMD processor
RAM: 2048 MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 14 GB of free hard drive space
Video Card: 256 MB or more memory ATI RADEON HD 2600 XT / NVIDIA GEFORCE 8600 GT OR HIGHER
DirectX®: DirectX (R) version: 9.0c (included) s
Sound: Any sound card which supports DirectX 9.0

Download Instruction:
1st- Click Download Button Bellow.
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