The Odyssey HD v1.2.1 download apk

The Odyssey HD v1.2.1 download apk

Necessities: Android 2.3.3+

Outline: “Favor a test? Guide Ulysses home with The Odyssey HD. On the off chance that you are searching for a mysterious enterprise amusement then The Odyssey HD may well be exactly what you are after… On the off chance that you favor tackling the test of getting Ulysses home, you won’t have any desire to miss this amusement.”


• Huge and excellent point-and-snap experience amusement.

• Be a piece of Homer’s epic story and teach yourself while playing.

• Face antiquated Gods, Sirens, Cyclops and different creatures.

• Beautifully hand drawn kid’s shows (Full HD), silly dialogs and testing riddles.

• Short activity summation for instructive purposes.

• Fully deciphered into English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Greek.

• Auto flexible for all android gadgets (both telephones + tablets)

• Requires a gadget with equipment increasing speed (OpenGL)

Venture into this epic point-and-snap legendary experience amusement. See what it takes to be the Greek saint Odysseus (Ulysses)! Motivate prepared to leave on a voyage loaded with threat, legendary animals and antiquated Gods. Exciting minutes and surprising turns and the detestable vicinity of fanciful animals command this legendary diversion all through.

You will need to venture into the shoes of Odysseus (Ulysses) and his voyage home after the fall of Troy. It took him ten years to reach Ithaca after the ten-year Trojan War. Turned into a part of Homer’s unique myth, experience the enterprise, and teach yourself amid the procedure.

Be careful; this is not a basic assignment. You will need to escape from Goddess Calypso’s island, blind Cyclops Polyphemus, face the witch-Goddess Circe, go to the place that is known for the demise looking for a prophet, keep away from the Siren mermaids, go between the six-headed creature Scylla and the whirlpool Charybdis, and visit the Sun God’s island. At long last, you will need to kill the suitors and get together with your darling wife, Penelope and your valiant child Telemachus.

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* Bug fixes

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