Tekken 4 Download for PC

Tekken 4 Download for PC

Tekken 4 Download for PC

Tekken 4 Download Direct Link

Tekken 4 is a computer game-style battle and is the fourth part of the Tekken fighting game series. This game created by Namco and published. Tekken 4 on the arcades in 2001, and in 2002 on the PlayStation 2 is published. Tekken 4, Tekken series was the first version that the walls were operating on the pitch.

Tekken 4 is a new and important change in gameplay compared to previous versions had. For the first time, the players were allowed on the pitch maneuver, and the walls and other obstacles to make additional blows. The game engine was modified and more focused on the environment which is why a little soft and slow movements of the characters from the previous version was Tekken Tag Tournament, and at the end of the game introduces a new system that together with the light graphics, has dynamic physics and was a softer appearance. In Game 4 character has their own Kazuya and Howrang with Jin, Heihachi and Kazuya Lee Kombat and encounters. In this series of karate-style fighting style jeans overall standard of karate Mishima has changed. In previous posts in the series Tekken games, play Tekken 3 ‘s made that can play Tekken 3 download.

The game features Tekken 4:
Fighting game
Use the wall in the game
Slick graphics
Increased dynamic lighting and physics
Mokujin characters have been replaced by Combot
23 new character is introduced

System requirements for the game Tekken 4:
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8

CPU: Intel Pentium 4
Hard Disk Space: 9GB

Download: Click Here

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