System Tuner Pro v3.8 download apk

System Tuner Pro v3.8 download apk

Prerequisites: 2.1 and up

Diagram: The most finish holding nothing back 1 Android framework tuner for your telephones and tablets!



Evaluated 5/5 on German magazine Android Appz 10-2012 (page 29):…lein_WU23AS.pdf

The most finish Android framework suite: screen and record all exercises, reinforcement and restore *any* applications, amplified undertaking executioner, CPU SD and memory controls, logcat peruser, terminal emulator, gadgets and warnings, all in one profoundly upgraded application!

Cautioning: Requires WIFI, BT, PHONE and GPS consents to record telephone states. Application checked with Privacy Inspector!

By a long shot the most reduced utilization observing application! Check site for application utilization!

Assignment Manager: (can be set as fundamental UI, see choices)

– Filter client/framework/bit procedures and rejection list

– Shows cpu load/recurrence, memory/inside/sd use

– Sort forms by cpu times, begin time, memory or by name

– Kill non physically rejected applications naturally

– Shows point by point data about running applications and procedures

– Manually murder running applications

CPU Manager (established telephones):

– Tweak CPU senator + frequencies amid screen-off, accessible if the need arises

– Tweak CPU voltage (when accessible on custom Kernel)

– Set CPU settings on boot

– Uses OC/deamon when accessible and can impair it

Augmented Task Killer

– Kill non-prohibited applications consequently or physically

– Kill applications amid screen-on, screen-off or when gadget invigorates

– Manually prohibit or incorporate applications

– All framework applications are prohibited of course

– Manually murder part procedures (root)

– Display memory and SD points of interest (RAM & inward)

Application Manager without root:

– Backup/restore/uninstall client applications, just APKs are went down

Application Manager with root:

– Freeze/unfreeze applications

– Remove application from boot

– Backup/restore/uninstall any applications and settings, including framework applications

– Launch and read application logcat

– Display application information and reserve utilization

– Sort application by name, information use or store utilization

– Move any applications to/from framework/client/SD space

– Clear reserves or dalvik store (must reboot after)

Action Recorder:

– Record (alternatively at boot) exercises out of sight

– Record all applications or all procedures

– Record telephone states (screen, wifi, bluetooth, gps, versatile information, signal)

– Import Battery Monitor Widget Pro information for point by point examination!

– Allows investigating past recordings unbounded

Logcat Reader:

– Display log(cat) for every one of the/one procedure

– Filter logcat by message levels or client characterized content

– Save/load logcat to/from record

– Display part messages

Terminal Emulator:

– Keeps history of beforehand utilized Linux charges

– Save yield to record

– Run previous scripts

– Run summons as Super User (root)

Framework Tweaker (root):

– Tweak SD reserve size to help execution

– Tweak IO scheduler to help execution

– App supporter on boot (APK alignement + DB cleanup)

– Tweak Android auto-slaughter memory settings

– Uses Linux init.d script when accessible


– Show cpu load, recurrence, senator, free/utilized memory (streak/inner/sd)

– Show most data (cpu, memory, inner, SD)

– Optionally demonstrates a configurable realistic course of events

– Provided as outside bundles, numerous accessible


– Many distinctive gadget foundations: HTC Sense 2/3, Google, Glassy, ICS.

– Show cpu load, recurrence, senator, free/utilized memory (streak/inner/sd)

– Starts 2 distinct activities by tapping on the symbol or mark

== Pro form has all elements opened and no promotions ==

Much obliged for the interpretation to

S.Chinese Max Peng

T.Chinese William Lee

Japanese Takuo Kitame –

Italian Pasquale Boemio –

Russian Роман

Korean 장승훈

What’s New

Framework Tuning just, 3C Toolbox Pro accessible at

Should you experience issues, please send points of interest utilizing a bolster demand from application settings, assist and with supporting


Notice packs bolster Samsung edge-screen encourages

Shows cautioning if reinforcement area is set to default information way

Enhance framework application uninstall/cleanup on 64bits Lollipop

Capacity to redesign warning packs from inside application

Enhance dalvik tidy up on Lollipop

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