SuperEasy 1-Click Backup Full Version License

SuperEasy 1-Click Backup

SuperEasy 1-Click Backup is an automatic 1 click backup protection program which simply runs in background while making the backups.

In the modern world, Everyone using a computer is potentially at this risk of losing their precious data, losing your photos, documents, program, video files or other type of data isn’t less than a digital tragedy. With SuperEasy 1-Click Backup Pro, you don’t have worry about losing data anymore. The program offers a secure and easy of making the backups without hindering the progress of user.

SuperEasy 1-Click Backup is a simple to use program which primarily runs in background while you keep on doing on your work. The program consist of a very basic user interface with very limited and precise tools to work with. On the start of the program, you’re presented with 2 options, the one to restore and other to make ups.

To make the backups, either choose the complete drive by clicking on back up these drives, Upon clicking, you’ll be shown number of harddrives with partitions present in the system, tick the drives you want to be backed and click on Ok. To make folders backup, click on the To this folder which will open the windows explorer from where you can browse the selected folder. Next is when to backup, from here you can automatic backup schedule.

SuperEasy 1-Click Backup can keep multiple old version of your backup data. Each additional version requires requires very little space as only the difference between two version of your back up are only stored. This can be done via OLD BACKUPS TO KEEP option.

Once the settings are done, you may click on Activate this plan for automatic backup creation.

If you’re willing to restore a backup, just click on browse button and choose the existing backup folder/file and click on store.

SuperEasy 1-Click Backup is an instant automatic 1 click backup tool which creates backup easily, it also comes with a pause feature which can be used if backup is using too much of your resources will you’re at work. The software comes with a rescue disc which comes in hand when a system fails to boot.

SuperEasy 1-Click Backup Full Version License Code

SuperEasy 1-Click Backup is a shareware software which costs $19 for 3PC license but now every can download and install the free full version without any purchase. Follow the steps below.

  1. Download SuperEasy 1-Click Backup | 26.29 MB
  2. Install the program and run, a popup will promoted asking you to register your self
  3. Enter your email to receive the free full version license.

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