Smart Tool Box by PC Mehanik v2.8 (Ad-free) download apk

Smart Tool Box by PC Mehanik v2.8 (Ad-free) download apk

Prerequisites: 2.3 and up

Review: Smart Tool Box offers you a definitive tool compartment application with 30 intense brilliant apparatuses in the crate. It is very nearly an absolute necessity to have it on your telephone, such as conveying a swiss armed force blade.

1. Ruler

Measure measurements and points of diverse items. No alignment required.

2. Level meter

Check the surface levels.

3. Keen speedometer

Shows you the pace on a hustling style gage utilizing GPS. It likewise records most extreme velocity, normal pace, voyaged separation and a present incline.

4. Keen separation meter

Measure separation and stature of diverse items utilizing savvy calculation.

5. Protractor

Measure the slant of any article utilizing your camera and fanciful weight.

6. Keen pace weapon

Measure velocity of moving articles utilizing shrewd calculation.

7. Brilliant converter

Proselyte between diverse monetary forms and physical units. Monetary standards are redesigned naturally.

8. Compass

Will assist you with finding the right bearing.

9. Area (map)

Demonstrates your present area on the guide, current GPS organizes and the elevation.

10. Stopwatch

Measure the time precisely. It additionally incorporates the commencement alternative.

11. Metal indicator

Recognize attractive field of adjacent materials and watch it on continuous graph.

12. Vibrometer

Watch continuous seismograph information, in light of Richter scale. The calculation is auto-adjusting.

13. Iridescence meter

Measure the natural glow (Lux).

14. Shading sensor

Catch the shade of any item in RGB position through your camera.

15. Cardiograph

Measure your heart rate with a camera and watch a continuous heartbeat outline. Shrewd calculations are utilized to channel the commotion.

16. Shrewd sound meter

Screen the present sound weight level and its range.

17. Pitch tuner

Tune the pitch of your voice or musical instruments. It can likewise play the rectified tone.

18. Metronome

Excellent metronome with movable rhythm.

19. Thermometer

Shows current temperature, dampness and pneumatic stress.

20. Racing

Measure the execution of your vehicle. You can switch between diverse quickening and brake tests. It incorporates an auto begin/stop capacity and an outline.

21. Battery analyzer

Test your gadget’s battery.

Devices support both unit groups (metric/supreme) and a few dialects. Then again, not all gadgets have the suitable sensors to bolster every one of the apparatuses. The application is tried for the most part on Samsung, LG, HTC and Toshiba telephones. Don’t hesitate to email me on the off chance that you discover any bugs or need any assistance with the instruments. It would be ideal if you take note of that it is a free application with some subtle advertisements.

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