Skullgirls Download for PC

Skullgirls - SKIDROW

Skullgirls – SKIDROW

Skullgirls – SKIDROW

Skullgirls game in the genre of Action , a campaign created by independent studio and studio MAQL Lab Zero Games made it for PC has released. Skullgirls game has a fast gameplay that players in the role of strong fighters in the world puts Dark Deco. All features of the game is designed in the style of fighting Hardcore players can handle them. In addition it also has elements to those who are new to this game genre were satisfied. Included in the game is very different combos combine them together is very enjoyable. Each character in the game has its own special abilities that include special movements of attack is different. Tag Battle system also gives you the option to form groups of single-player and multiplayer split and each fight. You can also for each of the characteristics of a particular model defined in section Finishing up at the end of the struggle to implement it. The game’s graphics are very impressive compared to its volume and expect at first glance does not look like a graphic from an independent studio. In the end, you can also play this game with their style like Taken comparable and can entertain you for hours.

Game Information:
Name game: Skullgirls
Platform: PC
English language
Year: 2013
Manufacturer: Lab Zero Games
Publisher: Lab Zero Games
Genre: Action, Fighting, Indi
Format: ISO
Version: SKIDROW

Download: Click Here
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