ScreenCamera 3.1 Full License Key Giveaway


Record your desktop screen easily for free ScreenCamera. The program is not limited to desktop recording but can also act as virtual webcam recorder. Make High quality tutorials, Record your gameplay and share it own websites like youtube, twitch or ustream.

ScreenCamera can record all type of resolutions, be it 720p or 1080p. The program is filled with features, you can capture a still screen by clicking on “capture a screen shot” . It also has an option of show desktop screen which will open a small window above the recorder as a desktop thumbnail. Show webcam or show both webcam and desktop screen. This option lets you record your desktop + the video from your webcam.

ScreenCamera Features :

  • Record dual screen. Both webcam and desktop
  • Capture the region around mouse cursor
  • Capture the entire desktop screen
  • Select a region of desktop to capture
  • Drag/Drop Target Icon over the window to capture
  • Drag/Drop traget icon over exclusive window to capture

ScreenCamera can save images in to formats, JPG and BMP. The recorded videos can also be saved in to fromats, WMV and AVI. Custom recording shortcuts can be set but the defaults one are:




ScreenCamera also offers set of editing tools which can be used while recording to make a easy to understand video. The tools include pencil, eraser, lines with their size and a spectrum of colors to chose with.

Overall ScreenCamera is a great program to record videos and make tutorials. The feature that’s more promising about this is screen and webcam recording. The program is only worth if it’s bought otherwise free version shows a big watermark which totally negates the point of recording a video.

ScreenCamera Full License Key Giveaway

ScreenCamera is a shareware software which costs $49.95 per 1 year license key but now every one can request a free full version registration key for free.

To get the free license for ScreenCamera, follow these steps:

  1. Download ScreenCamera From Here| 6 MB
  2. Install the program and click on register
  3. Choose the first option which says: send registration key to my email (online)
  4. Enter the email address and click on send registration key.
  5. Check your email for license and register the product using the received license key.

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