Renegade Ops Download for PC

Renegade Ops - SkIDROW - PROPHET

Renegade Ops – SkIDROW – PROPHET

Renegade Ops – SkIDROW – PROPHET

Welcome to the world of hellish destruction of expensive, studio of the series Just Cause, the Avalanche a deal with Sega to publish their new game called Renegade Ops for PC, PSN and Xbox Live Arcade that according to the record label closed in the fall 90 was released. Twin Stick Shooter is the game in style by using the engine’s Just Cause 2 Avalanche Engine 2.0 can be built. But the camera to the game arcade, view from above. (Top down) The game includes single player, two player section for Split-screen and online multiplayer will support up to four people will be. Avalanche Co-op experience of this sector competitive, since you can not even play together, but will not compete with each other to win the highest rating. Gamers in the role of a character in a mobile commando unit behind enemy lines to play to defeat Inferno, a madman of terrorists. You are in diverse environments with different characters in different vehicles play. Each of these devices have their own weapons. Such as magnetic or electric shock Gatling Gun. In the game there will be Upgrdae and Power Up. Play the excitement ahead.

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows Vista / XP SP3 / 7
Cpu: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
Ram: 1 GB
Video Card: 256MB
DirectX: DirectX 9. 0

Download: Click Here
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