Race Injection Download for PC

Race Injection - SKIDROW

Race Injection – SKIDROW

Race Injection – SKIDROW

After years of providing Race game series with different categories to see them shine among both games have their own style, Nemesys company once again proved that it can appear better than before. According to the company, the publisher Just A Game of tremendous change in different car models have been involved in competition, there are more than 85 cars in the 43 classes of vehicles that 23 of the specifically for this version of prepared is said to be proof of this. More than 450 skins and 60 professional editor for machines intended to show the depth and beauty of the design is that the game designers had promised. Online Multi Player and strong Another section features a new game is released. Quickly and professionally as individual vehicles are now in the collection that have to be in control of each of the game Racing mind. If the game Race 2010 WTCC, STCC have followed no doubt by the power and size of graphics and gameplay of the series games you know. Race Injection undoubtedly one of the most memorable will be this year.

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows Vista / XP / 7
Cpu: Intel® Pentium IV 3.0 Ghz
Ram: 256 MB – Recommended: 512 MB
Video Card: 512MB
DirectX: DirectX 9. 0
Hard Drive: 1 GB

Download: Click Here

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