Prince of Persia 1: The Sands of Time Download for PC

Download Prince of Persia 1: The Sands of Time [Direct Link]
Prince of Persia 1: The Sands of Time [Direct Link]

Prince of Persia 1: The Sands of Time was released in 2004 and produced by the company Ubisoft. Action Adventure arcade-style and compelling story about a young prince pursued. Years ago, the king of Iran was young and inexperienced, raw day he left his palace to hunt alone. Unfortunately, he lost in the wilderness of barren head makes him think that he has reached the last moments of his life suddenly saw that the strange old man, he is. The old man taught him the mystery of the moon, then the king of Iran to reveal all the secret payments to help the boy by the Prince won.
Once the king of Indian spies brought news that India has a strange magic hour is called. Persian king who decided to achieve this magic to the Indian attack. Massive army was prepared and ready to attack India. Here is the story of the prince began.

Prince entered the castle, we were quite an Indian king finds time to time but the problem was that it was time to open a time needed by the sword. Half the effort it took hours to find and when opened by the sword swept sands of time are everywhere and everyone was into Sandy evil. Princess Girl With maharajahs have survived this disaster could.

The graphics in this game are nothing less than a new game tracks eastern Iranian game you will really feel. Your speed and agility in the game as the Prince of Persia will be crucial. As the player you’re controlling in time to take it slow, reverse or drive quickly get much more space (though there are limits). This game is the narrator of the story and you will hear the narrator speaking. Where do you store your game you will see the future and become familiar with its problems. Prince can walk on the wall, jump up to do, and interesting combat enemies using the techniques of the way to take. You should know that any war before or after the game and a puzzle that might solve it is really difficult! Remember that the opponents can not run a fan and he will fight any particular way.

The game features Prince of Persia 1: The Sands of Time:
– A fascinating story
– Colorful graphics and soundtrack East
– Solving difficult puzzles in the game
– Use speed
– Performing acrobatics
– Ability to create separate profiles
Company: Ubisoft
File Size: 354.90 MB
Source: PC Download

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