Penumbra Overture Download for PC

Penumbra Overture Download Direct Link

Penumbra Overture Download Direct Link

Penumbra Overture Download Direct Link

Penumbra Collection of games in the genre of action , adventure, horror is made by the studio and studio Frictional Games has released the game for the PC. Like many good nightmares, Philip’s mother died sees her as a living person. He endured the loss of his funeral. Until he receives a letter from a dead man. Philip’s father abandoned the family before she was born Gemma was all that he has died the death Now he’s back and tried to explain his reasons. His father had opened the door to life for more questions posed to him and all questions will guide him towards Greenland. Philip follows the clues that’s all that remains for him. The only point of humanity in him will be summarized in a letter to his father. He is trying to destroy the fear aside part of humanity. The gameplay the game Penumbra Collection is a mysterious environmental puzzles and mystery. The game has advanced features is that it is not only not discouraged but to continue to find more passion.

Game Information:
Name game: Penumbra Overture
Platform: PC
English language
Manufacturer: Frictional Games
Publisher: Frictional Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
File Type: ISO

Download: Click Here
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