OriginLab OriginPro 2015 v9.2.214 Download Mathematical Analysis and Professional Charting

OriginLab OriginPro 2015 v9.2.214 Download Mathematical Analysis and Professional Charting
OriginLab OriginPro 2015 v9.2.214 Download Mathematical Analysis and Professional Charting

Draw and analyze graphs in all fields of engineering and analysis is needed of the various software companies have tried to do the best they offer users. One of the best software in the field OriginLab OriginPro 9.2 is software that today with the introduction of the web site are free in the service of your loved ones. This software package is powerful and has fantastic facilities for scientific data analysis and processing of mathematical and statistical functions is essentially a tool for the user to use the tools developed to be able to draw the graphs of these functions. OriginLab OriginPro a math and specialized application software to include data visualization is better able to compete with well-known software such as MathCAD and Mathematica, which represents the application is powerful. According to the manufacturer, this software more than 500 thousand users from companies,
research institutions, colleges, universities, etc. that demonstrate the functionality and performance of the software worldwide. Extra Features in this application is intended that in itself is very interesting and useful and some of the non-parametric tests such as multiple, repeated measures ANOVA, peak fitting, surface fitting 3D, processing image and signal processing and … pointed out that the powerful software. OriginLab unique features such as peak-analysis capabilities, curve-fitting, over 60 customizable graph types and forms of analysis in the context of an integrated working environment for you and this is very important and it is important for engineers. Your loved ones can get the latest version of the software is now completely free website to download free of charge and enjoy working with their analytical projects.

The main functionality of mathematical analysis and graphing software professional:
  • New types of charts for all users, including three-dimensional graph style, three-dimensional charts on the surface, Histogram charts.
  • The ratio of the length, width, height or matrix data for the graph or worksheet
  • Ability to create multiple axes, charts initialized by the user and allow special labeling
  • Determine the peak or multiple peaks at different levels
  • Smart tag data created by tag
  • You can enter the formula, text and additional explanations Graphs
  • Plot for batch
  • The analysis of multiple data sets with themes batch Courier
  • Ability to copy and paste the results of the analysis and graphs
  • Favorites folder in the Project Explorer
  • The ability to share files using user files folder between multiple computers
  • Filter import wizard for duplicate entries similar data

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