NVIDIA® Dabbler™ v3.02 download apk

NVIDIA® Dabbler™ v3.02 download apk

Prerequisites: 4.4 and up

Review: NOTE: To move up to the most recent form please verify you have introduced OTA 2.2 or more current

NVIDIA® Dabbler™ is a workmanship recreation application for the SHIELD tablet with sensible watercolor and oil painting impacts.

• Watch virtual water spill down and saturate your on-screen canvas, fueled by ongoing liquid recreations.

• Apply and control thick globs of oil paint to make your next oil painting perfect work of art.

• Sketch easily on account of the super-low pen-to-ink inactivity, made conceivable with NVIDIA DirectStylus™ 2 innovation.

Dilettante transforms your SHIELD tablet stylus into a craftsman’s brush.

Elements include:

• Realistic GPU-quickened watercolor and oil painting impacts

• Selectable paper models

• Custom shading blending circle

• User customizable brush wetness

• Adjustable weight affectability

• Multiple layer bolster, including: standard between layer operations, scaling, interpretation

• Intelligent shape acknowledgment mode

• Enhanced palm dismissal with stylus just mode

• Material Design-motivated UI

• Stream live painting sessions

• Record and offer painting sessions

• Shareable canvases for collective painting

• Google Print support

• Additional downloadable showcase canvases

Showcase Gallery:

Clients are making perfect works of art on their SHIELD tablets. What’s more, we’ve been showcasing them on our deviantART display. Join the exhibition and see what others are making. On the other hand hotshot what you’ve been doing with SHIELD tablet and Dabbler.

Take in More:

Tinkerer is just accessible to proprietors of a SHIELD tablet. To take in more and purchase, visit shield.nvidia.com/gaming-tablet/.

What’s New

• Various upgrades and bug fixes

• Improved confinement

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