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Mozilla firefox is a free web browser and second most popular browser amongst windows user. Firefox comes with unique set of features designed for fast and secure browsing.

Firefox comes with popup blocker and integrated multi tabs. It comes with GOOGLE search engine which is builtin with firefox logo on it. Firefox is evolving more after the recent release of windows 10, The interface has changed with nice looking chrome like design, Mozilla is also making its extension portal safe by ensuring high level of standards, extension developers must adhere these standards in order to keep their add on in the store.

The two advantages i see Firefox has over chrome are the following:

  1. Custom search box on right side of URL tab where users can add custom search engine such as Google, Bing, Ask, Wikipedia and so on. Really good to use if you don’t directly want to access the search engine.
  2. Master Password: Firefox offers more way to secure passwords unless like chrome, the passwords are encrypted with a master password. In chrome you can easily go to settings and view the stored password but in firefox, if a master password is set, you need to first enter a password to access the stored password. Really useful if your system is used by other people.

Mozilla Firefox comes with both online and offline installers, below you can find links for Mozilla firefox Offline Installer, Standalone installer. Online installer is mostly downloaded by users who have a fast connection but people with a slow connection or users which want to install firefox on a system which isn’t powered with internet prefer Mozilla Firefox Offline installer.

FileName Type Size Link
Mozilla Firefox 40.0.3 Offline 40 MB
Mozilla Firefox 40.0.3 Online 0.23 MB

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