Metal Gear Solid Download for PC

Metal Gear Solid - RIP - FULL

Metal Gear Solid – RIP – FULL

Metal Gear Solid – RIP – FULL

Metal Gear Solid to the Persian “Metal Gear Solid” is a first person action game that is known by the company Konami for the PlayStation in 1998 and in 2000 the first version of the game was released for the PC that was very well attended and attracted many gamers.

But the story of Metal Gear Solid is that a military headquarters in America plans to soldiers with features and advanced equipment to prepare for nuclear war. You have different missions that are given to you to finally stop this war successfully leave behind your kernel.

Play in 4 easy level of choice and is very hard and mostly in hiding have to play before you, you should not viewing angle soldiers and all movements and activities in the form of covert and try not to do the soldiers surprise you from behind.

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