Metal Dead Download for PC

Metal Dead Download for PC
Metal Dead Download for PC

Metal Dead is a very exciting game that was released in 2013 by Walk Thru Walls Studios and given that it is more than 4 light-like action and comedy has managed itself as a game, small with so many features convert different than other games and that’s why countless fans worldwide. But the problem is only one thing and that was to repeat the story again about zombies. In this game a person at random and the damage that occurs in his car into a center for pharmaceutical research and this is where the nightmare begins, he and the person with strange creatures people face a zombies you need to complete your quest to be able to deliver quicker out of the center.

Because if the zombies become zombies no other way to escape you. Metal Dead 2 game has characters that are 180 degrees different from each other. The first is a very wise man who tries to do the best job possible and the latter is very crazy man who ruined everything and the noise sides of zombies to kill her. Of course this in mind that the game Metal Dead at 17 characters will be familiar with each of these features and the story of their own and are used to make during the game is very entertaining and also curious that these characters why are involved in this research. In addition to all this in the game Metal Dead is more than 10 achievements and award the higher your score goes, this achievement will be opened to you. In this game there is a system to help if you get stuck somewhere and you do not understand what to do to use it and the quicker the issue to understand.

The game features Metal Dead:

– Over 40 interactive scenes or stage
– 17 unique characters and different characters
– 13 achievements and awards as a result of rising rates
– Assistance system also comes with an original soundtrack
Download Instruction:
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