Medieval II Total War Collection Download for PC

Medieval II Total War Collection - PROPHET

Medieval II Total War Collection – PROPHET

Medieval II Total War Collection – PROPHET

Medieval II Total War Collection is a new game in strategic genre in 2016 by The Creative Assembly has been released for the PC. Command your army and breadth of your land as far as you can in the game Medieval II expansion. Medieval II Total War is one of the most famous and most successful games, strategy games on PC is the first version of which was released in 2006 and attracted the attention of many gamers it is time to build. Now on this subject from Jasmine download package collection that includes the game Medieval II Total War and Medieval II Total War Kingdoms is for your lovers have prepared a series of strategy games. 10 of thousands of soldiers in the battlefield bloodthirsty war simulation with 3D-ready handling the command of the vast lands of the Middle Ages by you.

Now we are in the most turbulent tenure in the West, it is now time trying to expand their territory to the territory of Europe, Africa and Europe to define. You with your empire building military structures, military training and education as well as land reclamation of their start. Medieval Warfare by showing their real-world investment in all aspects of the game Medieval II Total War Collection, many influential perspective on medieval warfare to showcase. By establishing diplomatic relations with other nations, specify your allies and influential figure in the Crusades as be present. You can now play the final version of Medieval II Total War Collection for free with direct link.


Minimum System Requirements:

Microsoft® Windows® 2000 / Xp
Celeron 1.5ghz Pentium 4® (1500mhz) Or Equivalent Amd® Processor
512mb Ram
11GB Of Uncompressed Free Hard Disk Space
100% Directx® 9.0c Compatible 16-Bit Sound Cardand Latest Drivers
100% Windows® 2000 / Xp Compatible Mouse, Keyboard And Latest Drivers
Directx® 9.0c
128mb Hardware Accelerated Video Card With Shader 1 Support And The Latest Drivers. Must Be 100% Directx® 9.0c Compatible
1024 × 768 Minimum Display Resolution

Download: Click Here

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