Mass Effect 3 Download for PC + DLC

Mass Effect 3 Download for PC + DLC
Mass Effect 3 Download for PC + DLC

Mass Effect 3 + DLC-RELOADED
Mass Effect 3 + DLC-BLACKBOX
After releasing one of the best games of last year, BioWare studio again preparing to release the third version of the popular Mass Effect. Reaper and while he invaded the Earth is no hope of saving the planet, Commander Shepard (Shepard) comes and is going to save the earth. This number is the largest version of the Mass Effect series is that the story is very interesting. Play starts from where the Commander Shepard intends to destroy the core of a database. Pushing his shield on the kernel command gives the auxiliary forces of the Air Force’s core to destroy. After a huge explosion, Shepard is thrown from the top of the platform.,
As far as the game, Mass Effect 3 They continue to fight and win in different parts of the galaxy shows Commander Shepard How to prepare himself to fight the whole universe. Players in a variety of forms, one of which will be affected, it will be a multiplayer component. They can take this as a Co-op Four online experience. The part that resembles Horde Mode game Gears of War 3 is a game where you fight waves of enemy attacks. In this section, you will not have to give Commander Shepard, because he is a more difficult fight. Features of the game Mass Effect :
– Graphic and Fine
– Gameplay is beautiful
– Action and Space
– Built with a powerful engine Unrael Engine 3

Introduced significant enhancements download (DLC) game:
– DLC Extended Cut :
Maybe you should come! Probably all of you have played this game yet, you will have a good ending and the events in the game will be completely transparent, is not clear. Company officials BioWare The dissatisfaction of the fans and players of Mass Effect Were informed, by providing an extension to clarify end-game players and their fans were trying to placate again. By adding this plugin to play some of the games have changed and the new scenes are added to the game. The good things about the character’s dialogue is well done. Also in this package updates, there are a number of bug fixes.
– DLC Leviathan :
Something is lurking in the dark corners of deep space and is waiting to perform specific operations. Something so strong that it could be a Reaper Will destroy. Shepard to be the secret of this power before the Reaper to destroy it forever, to disclose. The secret whereabouts are heavily protected. As players have great power to reach the ball into the harvester and the sooner you find out the power source. More information to come in the path from source to get the Reaper.
– DLC cosmetic changes Alternate Appearance Pack:
Upgrade your space with the latest technology updates here. By adding this plugin to play three sets of armor at your disposal is complete. You can use this armor to protect the members of your group’s popular Lyara, Eddie and longtime use. Also add a special armor for Commander Shepard is provided.
– DLC Omega :
Omega by one of the most elite and top officials of the General Oleg Srbrs Petrovske, has been captured. Aria had in mind and it will regain those agents have seized Omega revenge. To achieve this goal, he is forced to accompany Commander Shepard to form a team. As a player with the commander of the infamous Black Market Get Omega to regain station. This is for women Aria with you and your group can take advantage of his abilities, critical and closely powerful mythic see him and the other side brutality see him fight enemies. The extension consists of five stages is beautiful.
– DLC Citadel :
This extension has been introduced as the latest addon for the game. By adding this plugin to play the new episodes will be available from the fort and the , it will have the previous version of the game the characters you meet again. The story starts when the plugin where Commander Shepard can get involved in a conspiracy and you as the player must reveal the secret behind this conspiracy, along with its length. In this way we can deal with their enemies and Chinese conspiracy to infiltrate the fortress and its secret archives here. Finally, fighting alongside your group to thwart the plot and characters along the way as you use the previous version, including Rex. The extension consists of seventeen stage is beautiful.
– DLC 2 Genesis :
With the addition of these six important decision you can make a plugin to play the game any way affect the outcome. These decisions include the selection of Shepard’s mistress, the answer to the question whether the Rachni Queen Must be free or be destroyed?, What is the fate of Rex and Vermeer?, The Ashley and Kaydn, who have sacrificed Vermeer is the case?, What happened to the castle fortress in the fall? And that the Dvnl David Anderson, Shepard should be able to choose which ones to represent humans in the Council?

Company: BioWare
File Size: 3980 MB
Source: PC Download
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