Magic Rush: Heroes 1.1.27 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)


Magic Rush: Heroes 1.1.27 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Form your league heroes and join the battle! Rush Magic: Heroes contains epic battles put together the best elements RPG, Tower Defense and development of base. With a fantastic story narrative game mode, players fight versus online, several game modes and missions daily, you have a lot of ways to lead your heroes to victory!

Rush Magic: Heroes Contains:
Strategy of War 3 game modes Epic
RPG module containing innovative control styles that will test your skills in narrative game
Tower Defense type of missions that earn more resources to strengthen your heroes
Summons Extraordinary magical control using Active Skills
Show your direct control commands spells active
Every hero has a “blow” – teaches them all really fight to control
strategy is everything! Aim and uses “ultimatums” at the appropriate time
Defend your reputation in PvP Arenas
Use your hero in the arena PvP against pretenders
Fight the heroes of everyone to excel in the world rankings
will be rewarded generously to defeat your enemies
Intense PvP battles Kingdom go to the world map
Join an alliance to fight together and make new friends
Controls me to collect valuable resources for your kingdom
disciplined three teams of heroes in your kingdom, to defend your possessions
Defeat other players; conquer the whole world!
Heroes and Defenders for maximum efficiency can be improved
Assume the role, build your team you prefer, from a multitude of characters
modeled Rune Heroes evolve their choice
Wishing Fountain Discover new heroes in
strategy in how you form characters grow
Real Time Strategy RPG battles improve your squad
RTS game combines role in a unique battlefields
and war strategy RPG elements Fantasma brings the best of both worlds
Some Heroes are doing best in attack , others on the defensive – form the perfect team to destroy your enemies in combat
Tower defense frontline frontline
missions Tower Defense gives substantial prey
spells and placing towers are controlled by the player
defending towers with elements of real time strategy and role play during an ambience that interact in real time
Adventures in missions you earn new powers
Restore the prison Crystals for best loot, including equipment
tackles realms merit, where new challenges arise every day
Dominate Campaign elites, difficult gameplay that guarantees great rewards
Wishing Fountain sorties every day and compel you to return
PvP and Campaign mode; and equipment from both win gold
Rush Magic: Heroes combines role playing with real time strategy, offering intense battles to protect kingdom.
Please be aware: Magic Rush can be downloaded and played for free, but some objects in the game can be purchased with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set a password protection for purchases in Google Play Store app settings. Also, in accordance with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must have at least 13 years old to download and play Magic Rush.
Questions or problems with the free game RPG Tower Defense type of company Elex Tech?
Contact us at:
Facebook: https // / MagicRushOnline
Official Forum: http: //


Game Systems
1. Enhancing Equipment capped at Lv 8.
2. Attack Rally Changes:
a) No cost Healing Spring (not for Wild Monsters)
b) Troops return immediately if enemy evades war.
3. Weekend Slot Machine event. Win tons of extra gold.
4. 7-Day events for newly registered accounts.
5. Added Facebook share limit.


Sept 23, 2015



The current version

Requires Android
2.3 or later

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