Mage Gauntlet v1.0.71 + (Items Unlocked) download apk

Mage Gauntlet v1.0.71 + (Items Unlocked) download apk

Prerequisites: 2.3 +

Diagram: Mage Gauntlet is a fantastic style activity RPG, outlined starting from the earliest stage for versatile. It’s propelled fundamentally by 90’s activity RPGs for the Super Nintendo, for example, Legend of Zelda: LTTP and Secret of Mana. We needed to make a quick paced RPG that doesn’t squander your time with bring journeys.

Battle and investigate your way through a silly storyline about unpredictable wizards, capable curios, and unsafe creatures. Discover things to alter your character’s qualities and shortcomings. Appreciate smooth, responsive controls and quick, fulfilling battle. When you beat the amusement, open a remixed Master Mode with overpowering foe numbers and new insider facts to reveal.


– 84 levels (half ordinary, half in Master Mode)

– 86 accomplishments

– 110 caps (vital)

– Variety of plunder that adjust your character to diverse strategies

– 19 pets that chase after you and give diverse rewards

– Quick leveling and detail framework gives you a chance to modify character further

– Dash and Charge moves let you sneak past foe spell assaults

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