Mafia 3 Download for PC

Mafia 3 Download for PC
Mafia 3 Download for PC

PC game Mafia 3 games genre of action and adventure by Hangar 13 is designed and built in 2016 by the famous company 2K Games for the PC platform market. Finally, after a long wait, the third part of the franchise Mafia formally introduced at GamesCom 2015. The third part of your Mafia 1968, and in the confusion of the leaves. According to the creators of the game, is the version you with the world of organized crime with rich storytelling and the beautiful in the world, in the sink. Mafia 3 is developed by a company called Hangar 13,
the company will continue its activities under the supervision of 2K. No exact date has not been announced but is scheduled for release in 2016 for the platforms Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC will be released. According to Christoph Hartmann, Mafia 3 sequence franchise in the form of narrative and treacherous new world of organized crime will continue. The story is told in New Orleans and in 1968, one of the most tumultuous years in the history of America. In this version of New Orleans’ busy, active, cars, fashion and music has inspired. During this turbulent time, corruption, took down all his city and town is a haven for organized crime becomes. Italian mob control of illegal betting and import of drugs are available, all the events that occur while the police and politicians were corrupt and every day to think about filling their pockets. Mafia 3 follows the story of Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran who returned from battle failed to achieve their rights and now are searching for a home and a place to live. Orphaned as a child, Lincoln spent a lot of time to find his father and brother, but in the end decided to go with one of the black families lived. But when Lincoln’s new family of treason and murdered by the Italians, he decides to take his family in addition to revenge, brutal war against the Italians to launch and upset the balance of power in New Orleans . After a while, the story goes, Lincoln and Empire united with other criminals and their new family forms. During the storytelling twisting Mafia 3, the game allows the player to make his way to revenge or to make your crime empire using cunning, deception or through extreme power and firepower choice . Mafia 3 is a combination of cinematic storytelling with a dynamic narrative structure is a set of choices in a city vibrant player responds. I would recommend this game to miss.

View game Mafia 3:
Name game: Mafia 3
Platform: PC
English language
Year of release: 2016
Manufacturer: Hangar 13
Publisher: 2K Games
Genre: Action and Adventure

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