Mafia 1 Download for PC

Mafia 1

Mafia 1

Mafia was a secret society of Sicily offenders. In the mid-19th century because of distrust in the government and legal system and the dependence of local people powerful people in Sicily was created and later expanded in the East United States of America and Australia.

Gathering the beautiful game was released in August 2002 by the company. According to the company Illusion Softworks, a revolutionary design and build of the game was set in the world of games and this is not so meaningless, because in the same year (2002) of the game Mafia was known as Brtrbn game of the year on Games and placement is critical, extraordinary points won. Strong and awful story classic games that gamers into the world of mysterious killings and clashes over policy and financial issues take. The beautiful game GodFather (Godfather) is a good example of the style of the famous game. Classical world renowned game has fantastic graphics and games like GTA series has been released to gamers to according to your desires in the open. In the game you’re in a city with an area of 12 square miles and freely in this environment can continue to play. The possibility of driving, the use of multiple weapons and involvement in games pitched.

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