Lux Auto Brightness v1.0 download apk

Lux Auto Brightness v1.0 download apk

Necessities: 4.0+

Review: Lux isn’t your conventional shine application. It cleverly modifies the brilliance of your presentation in view of the earth you’re in.

Lux isn’t your customary brilliance application. It wisely alters the brilliance of your presentation in view of the earth you’re in. In the event that, for instance, you venture into a faintly lit room, Lux will consequently bring down the brilliance of your showcase to make it agreeable to peruse, as well as safeguard battery power.

Lux gives the alternative to naturally modify the backdrop illumination at settled interims (occasional mode), when an adjustment in environment is recognized (element mode), or when the telephone wakes from rest. It’s likewise conceivable to alter the backdrop illumination physically. Essentially debilitate programmed mode and you can utilize it like a conventional brilliance apparatus!

Maybe the best thing about Lux is that you can show it how to carry on. In the event that the backdrop illumination is too brilliant or faint for you’re preferring, just open the gave Dashboard, modify the splendor slider to the level you covet, then hold the connection catch. Lux will utilize this new “connection” as a source of perspective in future.


■ Custom auto shine.

■ Sub-zero shine to make perusing oblivious essentially less bothering.

■ Battery effective

■ Handy shine gadget

■ Option to utilize the camera to peruse in surrounding light.

■ Power-client settings, for example, decision of insertion, sensor troubleshooting, and connected specimen altering.

■ Backup to SD.

■ Customisable information separating for telephones with wrong light sensors.

■ Gradual blur impact for backdrop illumination modification.

■ Astronomer mode adds a red channel to the screen to safeguard the visual perception of stargazers.

■ Jitter control to avoid steady little changes to the backdrop illumination.

■ Night mode, to change the shading temperature of the presentation for agreeable evening time seeing.

■ Add application particular special cases by means of similarity mode

■ No advertisements, or different aggravations.

Note: Please incapacitate different brilliance applications before utilizing Lux. The creator is not subject for any issues brought about when utilizing this application.

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Rest List altered for Android 5.0+ (see take note of 1 underneath)


1. The rest rundown obliges that Lux is empowered inside of Android Settings > Security > Apps with use access

2. In the case of utilizing modules, please watch that Lux has been allowed root access

This application has no notices

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