Luna Chronicles – v1.0 (0.4.9) [SEP 22] [Mod] download apk


Luna Chronicles – v1.0 (0.4.9) [SEP 22] [Mod] download apk
Necessities: 4.1 and up

Outline: ▶ Game Introduction

Plundering Siege + Ultimate Turn-Based Strategic RPG

– Produce gold and Items by building up your town!

The lovely town will get rich and intense quickly in the event that you continue overhauling it.

– Breath-taking PVP attack fights for gold!

Running low on gold? Plunder the town! However, keep in mind to ensure your own particular town!

– Create your own particular class-bowing character with several novel things!

Need to be a tanker healer with a ton of HP? Prepare the mending ‘Expertise Book’!

It’s your opportunity to compose the new history of Luna Chronicles!

Turned into a legend of the savage, vital war zone!

▶ Game Characteristics

[Get a turn’s essence based battle!]

To assault, or to secure? That is the issue!

Kick it up a score with various buffs and fight arrangements!

Psyche inspiring activity ensured!

[Thou shalt pine for the gold! Attack RPG!]

Demonstrate no kindness in your merciless ravaging!

Severe plundering between clients in attack fighting!

[Rise to the top with your most loved character!]

For any individual who’s tired and tired of come up short risks…

Your own character will get you straight from 2 stars to 6 stars!

[Shattering regular class barriers!]

Why can’t a warrior turn into a healer?

The ideal ‘two-flying creatures with-one-stone’ activity RPG.

Make your own class through ‘Expertise Books’ with changing details!

[Update details]

1. Including irregular level-up framework

2. Changing the passageway area for Hell Dungeon

3. Changing the term and area of Today’s Mission

4. Adding Ally Grow menu to Team

5. Streamlining the expertise depiction show

6. Including an aide of Auto-Deploy capacity at the first open of Destiny Tower

7. Adding a choice to set casing to the Background Settings

8. Determining the present gadget overheating issue

9. Including the instructional exercises of some update applicable substance


1.High Damage

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