Lovely Clock Widget v1.0 download apk

*Lovely* Clock Widget v1.0 download apk

Prerequisites: 2.1 and up

Review: Enjoy 16 sorts of charming and exquisite clock gadgets ♪

Simply introduce these heart and lace enhanced gadgets to your home screen to immediately make it charming!

Modify your tickers to fit your state of mind for the day!

●Widget size: 4×2 (Large), 2×1 (Small)


・Design choice (16 sorts altogether)

・Second show ON/OFF

・Selection of time show 12-hour presentation (AM/PM)/24-hour show

★What’s more, on the off chance that you purchase our SWEET Style application now you’ll get free wallpaper pictures, too!★

Download a few unique wallpapers intended for young ladies, for nothing!

New plans are included each Monday!

Expand your young lady power with these charming Home Screen wallpapers ♪

※ These free wallpapers are the same as those from SWEET Style, Animal Style and Simple Style.

*Recommended For*

・Want to utilize an adorable and popular clock

・Want to change their home screen to an energetic type♪

・Like charming plans, for example, , hearts, strips, and so forth

・Users who need to utilize their symbols as a component of a set, consolidated with a wallpaper and so forth.

★*―――*★ *lovely* outline series★*―――*★*

■SWEET Icon Change *lovelybox*


■lovely envelope *girls*


■Memo Widget *lovely*


*Terms of Use*

This application is a Clock intended to be introduced as a gadget.

《How to Install the Widget》

1. Hold down your finger on the home screen※ → 2. Tap “Gadget”  → 3. Select the application from the Widget List

※Remember to hold down your finger on an unmistakable space with no different symbols and so on.

《Selecting a gadget’s size》

Amid the gadget establishment process, you will be demonstrated this present application’s 3 distinct sizes.

Select the size you need your gadget to show up as of now.

In any case, on the off chance that you are utilizing the application from a SD card, the Android OS won’t allow utilization of these gadgets.

At the point when utilizing the gadget, please guarantee you have picked “Recovery to Device” amid application establishment.

《Transferring the App to your Device from a SD Card》

1. Settings → 2. Applications → 3. Oversee Apps →

4. Select ” *Lovely* Clock Widget “ → 5. Select “Move to Device”

※Depending on your Android gadget, the gadget may not be accessible to choose from the Widget List instantly after it has been exchanged to the gadget from a SD Card. Should this happen, please restart your gadget and attempt once more.

This application has no ads

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