Lighting calculations PRO 2.2.1 beta2 apk

Lighting calculations PRO 2.2.1 beta2 apk download for android : Best Lighting calculations application!

Lighting calculations:
Calculation of total flux [PRO]
Lumens to Lux
Lux to Lumens
Lumens to Watts
Watts to Lumens
Lux to Watts
Watts to Lux
Lumens to Candela
Candela to Lumens
Candela to Lux
Lux to Candela
Lux / Foot-Candle [PRO]
Compare power
Type of lamps [PRO]
Lamp fittings [PRO]
Bulb shapes
Table luminous efficacy [PRO]
Color temperature
Visible spectrum
Fluorescent tubes [PRO]
Color codes of fluorescent tubes [PRO]
Power factor correction [PRO]
Lux meter [PRO] (compatible only on devices with light sensor)
Typical led characteristics [PRO]
Power supply for strip led [PRO]
Illuminance on the floor [PRO]
Energy saving lamp
Unit of measurement
Formulary [PRO]

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