LEGO Batman The Video Game Download for PC

Lego Batman The Video Game - REPACK - GOG

Lego Batman The Video Game – REPACK – GOG

Lego Batman The Video Game – REPACK – GOG

Lego Batman The Video Game you have prepared the site’s users .Play Lego Batman The Video Game successful version of the Lego game series is produced by Warner Bros published in 2008 and is designed for multiple platforms. Batman with Robin again in this edition of LEGO games have returned to destroy oppression and justice in Gotham City across the city to implement. Lex Luthor and the Joker are two characters long in this game are the main enemies of Batman and spare no effort to bring unrest and all the people that are with them Mqabh, to kill. In some phases of the game Lego Batman The Videogame with Batman and Robin before you get in the rest of the characters and the special weapons you’ve seen in the movie Batman, you’ll use.

In addition to the story for this game has been designed on the basis of it not to move forward, additional quests have also been added to the game is more interesting. Lego Batman The Videogame available for purchase different items that you can only earn points they get and the more enemies you eliminate the speed and power to fulfill their goals possible. The Health and ratings obtained in the upper part of the screen is shown and it should be their decision to take in the game. The game is fully three-dimensional graphics and the game style action, adventure third-person and partly uses. The most important part is that the game Lego and Lego Batman The Videogame is considered not excluded from that feature, gameplay and very convenient built.

View game Lego Batman The Video Game:
Name of the game in English: Lego Batman The VideoGame
Genre: Action and Adventure
Platform Requirements: PC
Year: 2008
Original language: English
Manufacturer: Traveller’s Tales
Company Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Minimum system requirements:
Supported OS: Windows Vista® / XP
Processor: Intel® P3 1.5 GHz or AMD Athlon ™ XP
Memory: 256 MB RAM, 512 MB RAM required for Windows Vista®
Graphics: 128 MB with Shader Model 2.0 capability (Shader Model 3.0 recommended)

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