Learning to Write 1-Prewriting v2.0 download apk

Learning to Write 1-Prewriting v2.0 download apk

Prerequisites: 3.0 and up

Diagram: Educational Kids’ Prewriting for youthful from year and a half old, and more seasoned.

A piece of kindergarten educational programs. Grade 1.

Having a fabulous time while figuring out how to compose ? … It turns into a reality on account of Writing, the instructive pre-composing application for children and its several entertaining and interesting difficulties gathered into 12 classes of essential line drawings.

Making so as to utilize Writing, the kid methodologies prewriting smooth and lovely lines in an instructive universe where verse happens as much as components. Subsequently, with this appzhich resembles an amusement , the youngster has a considerable measure of fun disguising the fundamental lines of composing, the numbers, and the letters. The lines’ flawlessness gives the youngster self-assurance, fulfillment, and pride. Composing is a key instructive apparatus for showing pre-composing and composing .

The tyke can look over 4 Writing subjects to begin pre-composing :

▶ The fundamental lines, assembled in 12 classes , are orchestrated all together of expanding trouble (vertical lines , level , slanted , round, … ) : In a unique world where U’s are exhibitions of moles , n’s are made when frogs bounce, O’s are roundabouts and D’s are directions of excavators, it is through a few experiences that the kid will have the capacity to find or rediscover the fundamental signals of composing, even before composing letters! Everything arrives to permit the kid to feel the impression of having some good times while working his/her prewriting or his/her writing in an instructive prewriting application.

These essential lines have been intended to give the right bearings or faculties of composing. Additionally, folks, educator or language instructor can utilize Writing to instruct spatial introduction (top, base , left, right …) , numbers, and vocabulary.

▶ The capital letters in Script, are likewise masterminded all together of expanding trouble, and not in order : therefore, when the kid knows how to make vertical and even lines, he/she can as of now begin composing his/hers first letters . Tired of drawing with chalk ? The kid will have the capacity to follow the letters with companions of blooms, ladybugs, fish, chicks, mists, tree leaves, butterflies, and so on. ….Make beyond any doubt to give the tyke the letters’ sound instead of their name to make it simpler to peruse syllables later. For instance; for F, we say ” fff ” and not ” eff ”

▶ The numbers: the youngster can likewise keep in touch with them with blooms, creepy crawlies, winged creatures, fish, leaves, and so on or in distinctive hues.

▶ Free shapes or structures and free models: with many foundations, the youngster is allowed to express his/her creative ability by drawing with tulips, ducks, butterflies, fish, mists, harvest time leaves, and so forth.

A youngster or a grown-up can likewise make his/her own particular layouts of letters and structures, by squeezing the re-try symbol in the upper left corner, then another person can duplicate this new model.

The eraser eradicates undesirable lines.

The tyke starts with utilizing a finger to effectively incorporate the motions of composing. From there on ,the tyke will refine his/her precision with a tablet pen (not supplied).

The line is just drawn if the tyke takes after with adequate exactness whatever his/her velocity is.

This is an awesome chance to instruct the kid accuracy with silliness!

Early encounters of the kid focus their learning. At the point when your tyke plays with Writing, it fortifies his/her interest, energy for composing, and longing to realize, which are pre-essentials for an effective training. With this amusement, which is as entertaining as it is educational,you give your kid a more noteworthy chance to succeed

Different applications:

“Figuring out how to Write 2” : Children learn composing capitalized and lowercase letters and cursive composition letters with as much joy as they found in Writing !

“Composing +” (expected) : the tyke learns composing in the middle of lines and capitalized and lowercase letters in both composition and cursive. At that point the kid will figure out how to compose syllables and words, with delight and fun every time!

What’s New

New items:

– Share your manifestations or your difficulties JPG by email or different method for correspondence.

– From the Home screen, another symbol that portrays the potential outcomes for the application.

– The test of seal: slide the seal along the ice’s precipice! You will discover toward the class’ end J

A few bug fixes and changes

We wish you heaps of fun!

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