KitKat Launcher Prime v5.0 APK (Ovidos Creative) Is Here !


KitKat Launcher Prime

KitKat Launcher, is most closest stock Android Launcher. KitKat Launcher is currently the only launcher of Google Play Store, which has a Smart Transparent Status Bar with notifications for All Android 4.0+ devices.

New/Updated Features:
– “OK Google” Voice Detection for supported languages. ( For Android 4.4+ )
– Material Design Animations. ( For Android 5.0+ )
– Google Search Bar Icon Style options. ( For Android 4.4+ )
– System Bar style options. (Translucent or Transparent System Bars For Android 5.0+ )
– Users of device can reach only owned apps. ( For Android 5.0+ )
– Start helper designed to import shortcuts from other Launchers. ( For Android 5.0+ )

KitKat Launcher Features:
– Based on Android 4.4 Launcher.
– Translucent Status Bar and Translucent Navigation bar for Android 4.4+ Devices. (Free)
– Google Now clone, like: Google Now Launcher.
– Hide Apps in App Drawer.
– Small/Original size KitKat icons and icon packs.
– Show/Hide Search Bar.
– Search Bar animations.
– Play Store Icon near Google Search Bar.
– Quick Action Popup Menu.
– Fixed/Float Wallpaper.
– Resize any widgets.
– Restore default kitkat launcher theme.

– Accessibility Service: Get Notifications for Transparent KitKat Status Bar clone.
– Draw on top of other applications: Draw Transparent KitKat Status Bar clone.
– Access WiFi&Internet State: Status of WiFi & Internet for Transparent KitKat Status Bar clone.
– Bind AppWidget: Load widgets on Desktop.
– Expand Status Bar: For gestures & Smart Status Bar.
– Run on Boot: Run this app & notification service on Boot.
– Network communication: Notifications for updates.
– Your accounts: Push notifications for updates.
– Read Device State: Push notifications for updates.

– Quick Action Popup bug fixed.
– System Bar style options added. (Translucent or Transparent)
– Drawer Animation is renewed for Material Design. Check out KitKat Launcher Settings.
– “OK Google” voice detection added.
– Search Bar Icon style options added. (White or Colorful)
– Material Design animations added.
– Preloaded User-friendly Ads added.

Requirements: Android 5.0+

Prime features unlocked

Download Links:

KitKat Launcher Prime v5.0 APK (8.2 MB) | Mirror Link

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