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Kaspersky Lab Products Remover is a free utility tool for removing the kaspersky products from the operating system. Before using the product make sure you’ve uninstalled the product using control panel or uninstall application present in the product folder. If for some reason the kaspersky product resists, only then Kaspersky Products Remover should be installed as an alternative.

Kaspersky Products Remover is a simple utility which doesn’t requires installation or special softwares to run, just run the exe file and the window will showup. The utility will automatically detect the installed kaspersky product, all you have to do is just enter the CAPTCHA which is a security feature to prevent the tool from uninstalling it automatically. If the product has not been detected, you can manually select it by opening the drop down menu which contains a list of kaspersky products that are out there with full name and year. once the product is selected, Kaspersky Products Remover will then uninstall it completely removing all the files from the hard disk and registries from the operating system, how ever it will leave a log file behind which contains all the info about un-installation. Makesure you reboot your PC for the total removal of files.

For multiple kaspersky products, you need to run installer each for them, this installer can only uninstall one kaspersky product at a time.
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Kaspersky Lab Products Remover 7 MB

Kaspersky Products Remover has been test with windows 10 64 bti and works fine. It should work fine without any compatibility issues on other version of windows.

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