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Title: KaOS Linux Version: 2015.10 latest version of the operating system: 2015.10architecture: x86-64 Description: The project KaOS presented the August release of a new stable version of its Linux-distribution with support for UEFI and layout GPT. The most significant changes include the developers: Ncurses 6.0 stack, OpenCV 3.0.0 stack, Xfsprogs 4.2.0, grub 2.02beta, Networkmanager 1.0. The distribution is based on the batch KaOS manager Arch Linux – pacman. He uses as a primary desktop environment KDE and the latest version is more conservative in choosing a package. While in Arch Linux uses the latest version (Bleeding Edge), to try to take into account KaOS stability. KaOS also uses the work of other distributions: gfxboot, hwinfo and imagewriter of openSUSE, systemd of Fedora, Gentoo base of equipment and so on. Unlike Chakra Linux, KaOS fully adhere model Rolling Release.

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