iTunesKeys is designed to streamline the iTunes user-experience. The program resides in the system tray and features quicklinks to most common audio player commands (like, play, pause and next track).

Can control all the standard player functions from the tray

Once iTunes is started, the tray program can be used to issue various commands. Users should make sure they have the Apple software installed, as the tool will not run if this is not present.
One of the great features of this small resource is that it is unobtrusive. There are no pop-up dialog boxes, no tabs to navigate to and no complex interface to get accustomed to. Several buttons are present, which account for all the core functions. These also feature highly intuitive icons.
All the standard multimedia control functions are available: play, stop, next, previous and pause. Adjusting the volume is also possible, as well as muting it altogether. A “Toggle shuffle” function is also present.

Supports defining hotkeys to issue quick commands to the player

ItunesKeys does even more to streamline the users’ experience: if properly configured, all the aforementioned functions can be accessed with a custom hotkey. This is a very useful trick for issuing quick commands to the application!
There are a few other settings that can be tweaked, such as the layout of the track information window. This function is also available from the tray and users can customize its duration, size and position on the screen.
To conclude, iTunesKeys is an easy to use application designed to smooth out all the edges when running iTunes. If creating hotkeys that control the Apple software is required, then this resource does the job well!

What’s New

  • Optimized display of track info. Blank window should be less visible on track change now.

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