IObit Protected Folder Pro 12 Months License Key

IObit Protected Folder
IObit Protected Folder PRO is a security and privacy software which protects important files and folders in your PC by locking them with a strong encrypted password. An ideal software for protecting your data against theft and eyes that always want to access your system.
IObit Protected Folder is a simple to use software, it comes with both free and pro version, the free version can only be used 20 times, how ever the pro version doesn’t have any limitations. The program is fairly easy to use, upon opening the program for the first time, it will ask for a password to be setup which will later be used to access the password protected folders.
IObit Protected Folder allows file addition via both dragndrop and selecting through builtin explorer. Simply drag the folder/file you that needs to be locked in the program. Once added, main screen will show the file location and a green status saying “locked” Now after this point, the folder/file will disappear from that location and will be hidden only in IObit Protected Folder.
The file/folder can now only be accessed through the IObit Protected Folder, you can view complete files and open the files via IObit Protected Folder. If you want to remove the protection from the file, simply select the file and click on unlock button, the file will be now be no more password protected.
IObit Protected Folder is a great privacy program which protects your files and folders, a simple and easy to use program which doesn’t uses much of system resources. Definitely recommended to those who share their computer with other people an don’t want them messing around with their data.
IObit Protected Folder is a shareware software which costs $19.95 per 1 year license/serial key but now as a part of giveaway campaign, every one can download free 6-12 Months of licensed version of this program for free.
To receive a free license IObit Protected Folder, follow these steps:
1. Download IObit Protected Folder Pro v1.2 (3.4 MB) and install it on your computer.
Works on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista and XP (32-bit and 64-bit)
2. Visit the giveaway page to get the license or open the spoiler below to bypass the giveaway page and see the license directly.
IObit Protected Folder Pro Giveaway License
wYuQbuH.png (495×311)
Terms and Condition for IObit Protected Folder
– This is a license for 1 user for 12 months: expires November 30, 2016
– Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for 12 months
– No free technical support
– can be installed and reinstalled the re-registration

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