Inversion PRO – Layers Theme v5.1 download apk

Inversion PRO – Layers Theme v5.1 download apk

Prerequisites: 5.0 +

Review: This is a RRO/Layers/Overlay topic, not for CM!

Reversal PRO is same as Inversion UI, aside from that purchasing this you’ll bolster me.

If you don’t mind leave an audit, this assist me with growinging in the group 🙂

Home bases: from variant 4.0 you needn’t bother with flashable zip any longer


* AllCast (warnings)

* Calculator

* Cell-show

* Contacts

* DeskClock (warnings)

* Dialer

* Eleven

* Framework-res

* GMail (warnings)

* Google Contacts

* Google Dialer

* Google Inbox (warnings)

* Google Keep

* Google Messenger

* Google Play Music

* Google Play Store

* Hangouts

* Package Installer

* Phone

* Server-telecom

* Settings

* SystemUI

* Velvet (moniker Google Now)

* WhatsApp (beta)

Topic created by SPAstef. On account of Jimmy Setiawan, RootSU, Jorge Jimenez, Abdulwahab Isam, Syko Pompos and all the group.

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