How to use Facebook Messenger on Pc/Laptop without using Any software

Facebook Messenger for PC or Laptop

Do you want to use Facebook messenger on Your PC or Laptop without using any App ? Today i will tell you about a way with which you will be able to use facebook messenger on your pc/laptop without downloading any app.

The guide is a simple guide hence no trick and nothing is used in this , We are just telling a way that most of the users dont know on how to use facebook messenger on pc web . For this guide you dont need any Software , The things you only need is a Pc or laptop and Any web browser.

How to use facebook Messenger on Your Laptop or computer without downloading any app

  • Open your Pc or laptop
  • Now open your Browser ( Google Chrome is recommended )
  • Now Open the facebook messenger By Going Here

  • As soon as you Open the messenger you will be asked to give permissions to use facebook messenger
  • And Done !!!! Now you can simply use facebook Messenger on your pc
Thats all, This is the way you can use facebook messenger web on your pc laptop without using any software.

So this was our guide on How to use facebook messenger on Pc laptop without using any app or software, I hope this guide helped you in using facebook messenger on Your pc or laptop

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